the 4-part mini-series that changed how we see tarpon: Chasing Silver. 

Chasing Silver DVD:
DVD - All 4 Eps

What is the Obsession? What is the Fish? It was our mission to find out. The once in a lifetime union of tournament anglers and guides fishing on their own time became an award-winning series now playing in the IGFA Hall of Fame Theater in Dania Beach Florida.

This film travels from the early hand lines of A.W. Dimock in the 1880’s to the fly rods and flats skiffs of today’s greatest tarpon fisherman. Chasing Silver follows the most accomplished anglers in the world, who have devoted their lives to chasing the mysterious tarpon. They share the oral history of the sport – and personal techniques used to convince trophy tarpon to eat a fly.

From Islamorada, Florida down to the Lower Keys, we hitch our ride on the bow with 5-time Gold Cup champ Andy Mill at his most candid, as well as a host of Florida Keys gurus and guides including Tom Rowland and Tim Hoover, and follow a fish that has seduced men since the dawn of fishing, and yet still remains a mystery as most disappear from Florida flats each year to breed, migrate and winter in preferred climes.

Share the thrill (and the absurdity) of convincing a tarpon to eat a tiny fly, the impossibility of getting one to stay on, and secrets for bringing the silver missles to the boat (in a time thought to be impossible on a fly rod 20 years ago). We hope we can ensure the rare and fragile ecosystems of Florida continue to host the ultimate game fish in a thriving environment…forever.

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