No maps. No GPS coordinates.
Just the finest tarpon fishing ever caught on film.

We blindfold world class anglers. Fly them in. Drive them to the water And share shocking footage of unwary tarpon swimming at the boat in clear water – daring us to cast a fly. The location will not be revealed out of respect for the fishery, but we will show you every sparkling detail.

Chasing Silver was the essential first step to understanding the greatest fish on earth. Location X is the impossible conclusion.

Our Location X is just one of many Location X’s on the planet. It was not filmed as a challenge to anglers, but rather a reward. It represents a way for all of us to share a once in a lifetime trip and still return for another day. We know there will be speculation and some very educated guesses – if not revelations. While we will not confirm nor deny any views on this project, our main goal simply remains that each angler be inspired to find a spot that… inspires them. And feel free to share it with as many or as few as you wish.

The most important thing to us is that the planet always has healthy, beautiful places to fish, and that we all strive to protect our fisheries and marine habitats, whether it be through conservation or everyday respect for the environment, so we can all stumble on many more new waters in years to come. And bring the stories home each time we visit. Tight lines.